If you consider joining Type One Systems, you should see if our culture fits you.

Because of our mission to create systems for a type one civilization, we are very focused on advance sustainable technology. We are very future-focused and ask a question like 1) What would a type one civilization do? 2) What would a type one civilization need?

One of the skills we think will be as important in the future, as reading and writing are today, is programming. Programming is an underlying skill required in information analyses and automation. So everyone who joins our company should know how to code.

We are also a big fan of open-source software and primarily use Linux as an operating system.

There will be no sustainable future without plant-based food. Therefore, we are focused on healthy plant-based food.

If our mission to create systems from a type one civilization is our head focus, then solarpunk is our heart focus.

Solarpunk is a literary and art genre that imagines a bright future where spiritual maturity allows humanity to use its scientific and technological advancements to live in harmony with nature.

Solarpunk city