Our name “Type one systems” reflect our mission and is derived from the Kardashev method of categorizing a civilization’s level of technological development by measuring the power it uses.

Kardashev scale

Here a type one civilization uses 10 petawatts (1016 W) of power. That is equivalent to the amount of power the earth receives from the sun.

A type two civilization uses 100 yottawatts (1026 W), the amount of power the sun radiates.

A type 3 civilization uses 1036 W, that’s the amount of power the Milky Way galaxy radiates.

The Kardashev value can be calculated from the formula   Kardashev formula

In 1970 the power use on earth was estimated to 10 terawatts (1013 W) equal to K=0.70. 50 years later in 2020 it had doubled to 20 terawatts (2x1013 W) and K=0.73.

That leaves a factor of 500 until we reach a type one civilization.

Our company`s mission is to build systems that help our civilization transition to a type one civilization for a better future for earth and humanity.